English class 10th

PARAGRAPH WRITING : class 10th English For Matric Exam 2021 ( 5 Marks )

Paragraph writing class 10th english 2021

english paragraph writing class 10 | write a short paragraph of any one of the following ,Pollution ,Teacher’s Day ,A Village Fair.write a short paragraph of any one of the following english.


In recent years the problem of pollution has become very aćute. This problem assumes different forms such as Air-pollution, Water pollution, Food pollution, Noise pollution, Moral pollution and Paper pollution. All this pollution results from the greed of man for getting more and more money. Trees have been cut down on an unprecedented scale and large production by industrialisation has assumed gigantic proportions. So, the main cause of air and water pollutions is unbalanced industrial growth and urbanization and deforestation. There is the problem of noise-pollution also. The thud and roar of vehicles, particularly in large cities, is deafening and unbearable. There is no pollution check on the road-worthiness of vehicles nor any restriction on the type of horns being used. 

Teacher’s Day 

Teacher’s day is celebrated to express our gratitude and appreciate the hard work of our teachers. Teacher’s day in India is observed on the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan that falls on 5th September every year. This great son of India was a teacher and later he became the Vice-President of Indian Republic: On the death of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan became the President. We, the students, are very proud to pay our respect to that great Teacher-President on this dạy: We pay our respect to our own teachers as well. Our teachers inspire us the same way as Dr. Sarvapalli. 

A Village Fair 

The fair which takes place in the heart of the countryside in a weak or fortnight is called a village fair. A number of shops are established for a time being Goods, sold in these shops, are of village people’s requiremnets. People from near by areas come and buy their éssential goods here. They enjoy this fair very much. Really it is a very busy day for local people. They meet each other. So a village market is of great use for the villagers. They have not to go to the towns for buying and selling things. Such fair is the part of an open place too. 

 Summer Vacation 

This year the month of June was unusually hot. At last the school closed for eight-weeks’ summer vacation from 10th June. I leaved a sigh of relief. With my elder brother I left for Mussorie. We reached then on the 15th of June in the evening. We lodged in the Arya Samaj Mandir. The weather was very cool and pleasant. It was always cloudy, misty and foggy. Sometimes the cloud, entered our room and drenched everything. A visit to the Kempty Falls and the Bhatta Fall was a great treat. We sat on a stone near the flowing water and enjoyed our meals as we had never done before. Thus I spent summer vacation. 

Student Life 

 The student life is a period of training for the practical duties of mankind. It is the seed time of one’s life. An ideal student makes the best use of student life. His aim is not confined to studies and passing of university examination only. For him they are only secondary, He cultivates good manners and habits. He is industrious, honest and sympathetic. He also cultivates a keen sense of duty and responsibility. He shuns bad company. 

Mahatma Gandhi

 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2nd October, 1869, in Porbander, Gujarat. He studied law in England and became a lawyer. He fought for India’s freedom. He started the Non-Cooperation movement in 1920. He also led Salt Satyagraha, Quit India Movement and Khilafat Movement. Finally, he succeeded in winning independence for India. He believed in simple living. He was against caste system and untouchability. On 30th January, 1948, Gandhiji was shot dead. He is truly the “Father of Nation”. 

A Village Market 

A village market is a local market. There fire no permanent shops. The market is held twice or thrice in a week. It is held on fixed days. Generally the market is held in an open place or in a mango orchard. Sellers bring all their articles for sale. The villagers bring their own products like vegetables, fruit kind seeds. There are rows for different articles. The villagers enjoy this day very much. It is a very busy day for local people. They meet each other. So a village market is of great use to the villagers

 My School Library

My school has a rich library. Students and teachers of the school can borrow books from the library. A student canborrow one book at a time for a week. If he has not finished the book in a week, he can get it reissued for another week. If a student does not return the book on the due date, he is fined for the delay. The library is very useful for the students and teachers off any school. It is a storehouse of knowledge. It gives the students an opportunity to widen their knowledge. The aim f education is to create a thirst from knowledge. The education which is limited to the textbooks onlyis useless. The school library plays an important role in the mental development of students


Today unemployment is a very difficult problem before the nations of the world. It is the foot of many other problems, too. Unemployed people are involved in various unsocial activities such as terrorism, unauthentic business, theft, dacoity .etc. It harms the development of the society. Unemployed people lose their capacity to do their work rightly. They cannot think right way,too

Values of Trees 

Trees are as important to life as oxygen. Their benefits are too many. These can‘t be counted. Trees provide fuel, fodder, furniture, fruits, oxygen, shelter to birds and animals etc. The most important is oxygen: Trees consume carbon dioxide and change it into oxygen. Then they provide beauty to the landscape. Without oxygen we cant live for more than one minute. They keep ecological balance of nature. They bring rain. Without this, there is no life


Discipline is essential in every walk of our life. Because, discipline adds to our success. It is the most important factor behind the development of any person or any nation. Every great man has his disciplined life behind his success, It is also essential for the success of a student. So to build up ones successful life one must accept the order of discipline. Every object of nature, to move on its right path, has to accept the discipline of nature

My Visit to A Historical Place

A visit to a historical place is always educative. Last year I went to Agra. Agra is a historical place. It has many buildings of historical interest: The most famous is Taj Mahal. I have no words, to express the beauty of it. The white marble looks like silver. The reflection of it in the water was simply enchanting. The four minarets added to its glory. The grassy lawns increased it more. It looked like a dream seeing it in the moonlit night. Everything looked dreamlike. I cant forget my visit to Taj Mahal

A Journey by Bus

There are many advantages of a journey by Bus. It has a great educative value. It makes our mind broad. It teaches us lots of lesson in We learn a lot of new things by visiting different places. A journey by bus brings people of different places closer and fosters sympathy and understanding. When we travel in foreign countries by bus, we learn to respect the culture and traditions which are different from our own. We also see geographical and historical places from which we learn a lot. It gives us a lot of pleasure, too. It is constant source of joy in the otherwise dull life of ours. So, life without journey lacks interest and excitement. Journey should be made a part of education because it develops the personality of students. They learn a lot by visiting the different part of their country. Journey by bus teaches them that there is basic unity beneath the differences in the dresses and languages of the people living in the different parts of the country. It widens their mental horizon. It enables them to become good citizens.

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